SNL Stands Up for Joker Movie with Hilarious Downton Abbey Spoof

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DC and Warner Bros' upcoming Joker movie has garnered a lot of controversy over the past few weeks, with director Todd Phillips blaming the "far-left" for their paranoia. This paranoia stems from the multiple shootings that have happened in the US this year so it's understandable. Fans that are interested should still check it out though since art that's provocative (and not purposefully hateful) have the right to be shown to theaters.

It seems like Saturday Night Live has DC's back since they just released a spoof video mocking the surprisingly successful Downton Abbey movie and revealed it as an ad for the October Joker movie. Why? Because, unlike Downton Abbey, stuff actually happens in that one. It's actually pretty funny and has basically made sure that this writer will never check the series out.

Honestly, this is actually a pretty decent way to get fans to loosen up about the Joker movie. Yes, it is kind of creepy how the movie might end up making an angry and lonesome criminal sympathetic, especially with all the recent shootings happening. It's also kind of weird how the director and lead actor Joaquin Phoenix weren't prepared for these types of questions, given what America has been through.


Still, it's a movie and is based on a comic book character. They can't all be fun blockbusters and films like these are needed to make the genre more diverse and interesting. As someone who is cautiously optimistic about the movie, I hope it does the hype justice and doesn't inspire anyone to shoot people.

Joker will be coming out on October 4, which is later this week.

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