Simon Pegg Opens Up About Star Trek Film Franchise's Future

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While there are already tons of Star Trek content for fans to consume, including the current slate of shows Discovery and Picard, some wonder if there would be a chance to pick up where Star Trek Beyond left off back in 2016.


In a recent interview with Collider, actor Simon Pegg opened up about his thoughts on the future of the Star Trek film franchise. "Losing Anton Yelchin the way we did was a real blow," he said. "And I think it slightly took the wind out of our sails in terms of our enthusiasm to do another one, just because we're now missing one of our family."

That being said, Pegg did mention that the rest of the cast are still in contact. They email each other every day too. However, the actor pointed out that they aren't necessarily "banging" on Paramount's door to ask for another Star Trek movie. However, Pegg says they will jump at the chance and that he misses the cast and making the films. "I don't know anything about that," he added. "So yeah, I'm as in the dark as everyone else, I'm in the same boat as you guys."

"I think Star Trek is just a little bit more niche, so it isn't gonna hit those kind of numbers," Pegg added. "So yes, the obvious thing to do would be to not go for that massive spectacle, go for something a little bit more restrained in the vein of the original series."

Pegg also stated that he thinks TV is a "better place" for Star Trek now, with television becoming some sort of "contemporary, a peer of cinema." The actor thinks it's a "better format" for the franchise because that's where it all started after all.


While the chances of getting another Star Trek movie is unlikely, the franchise is flourishing on TV, with series such as Discovery and Picard. There's even Strange New Worlds, an upcoming spin-off series centered on Pike, as well as the animated series Lower Decks.

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