She-Hulk Star is Aware that Fans Think She Resembles Elizabeth Olsen

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It goes without saying that Madisynn King has taken the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm since appearing in the fourth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and shockingly enough, the obnoxious character, played by Patty Guggenheim has won even the show's biggest critics over.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

When the character first appeared in the said episode, a lot of people genuinely thought she was Elizabeth Olsen wearing full-on makeup and a wig and some even thought they sounded alike. Apparently, the comparisons have come to Guggenheim's attention and it's one of the reasons why she'd love for Madisynn and Wanda Maximoff to meet in the MCU.

Speaking with PopSugar, the breakout Marvel star explained how Madisynn (that's with two "Ns" and one "Y" but it's not where you think) is far from just being an over-the-top character. Guggenheim explains: "She wasn't really affected by going into fire land, but she likes to connect with people."

The actress is also very much aware of the discourse surrounding her "resemblance" to Elizabeth and if she had things her way, she'd love for Madisynn to meet Wanda Maximoff in the franchise.

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The Scarlet Witch's MCU status remains unclear but I definitely wouldn't mind seeing an interaction between her and Madisynn. Assuming Wanda does return in a future project, it'd be easy for her and Madisynn to cross paths, especially considering the character happens to be "besties" with Wong.

I gotta say though, while I think she and Wanda would get along pretty well, I'd be very careful of the Harbinger of Chaos if I were Madisynn.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's latest episode is now streaming on Disney+.

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