Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield Says It was ‘Tough’ Losing Spider-Man Role to Tom Holland

Tom Holland may be what some consider the perfect Spider-Man now, but he was one of the numerous options for the part. One actor who was close to landing the role was Asa Butterfield (Sex Education), and he opens up about losing the role to Holland.

Talking to Collider Connected, Butterfield explained:

"Every so often there's a part [that you really want] and it's a script you love and you kind of put your heart and soul into it, and you don't get it. And it is tough and it is shit, but I often find that something even better comes out of it at the end. And so in the case of Spider-Man, I did Sex Ed, because I wouldn't have been able to do both of those at the same time."

If anything, Butterfield believes that ‘all things worked out in the end,' because if he did land the role of Spider-Man, he wouldn't be in Netflix's fantastic coming-of-age series Sex Education. Maybe down the line, they could have Butterfield cast opposite Holland; I think he would make a pretty great Harry Osborn should they every bring him into the MCU. I'm just curious if Butterfield can pull off being a redhead.

As for Spider-Man 3, the movie was supposed to be shooting already, but COVID-19 has caused a significant delay. Now the camera is set to start rolling this coming September. Let's just hope that they can make their planned release date next year.

As of now, Spider-Man 3 is still set for a release on July 16, 2021.

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