Set Photos for Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy Reveals Comics-Accurate Utopian

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Jupiter's Legacy is the latest Mark Millar property to get a live-action adaptation, though it's going to be a Netflix series instead of a movie. It seems like preparations are underway for the show, with set pictures officially revealed and showing off actor Josh Duhamel as The Utopian. While the actor is a couple of years younger than the hero, he looks just like the character in the photos seen below.

While no official photos have been released yet, the press has managed to get some set photos, which can be seen below. There are a number of photos with Duhamel in the big superhero costume and it's impressive to see this much detail on the character. If anything, this does continue the amount of effort Netflix puts on their shows and fans of the Image Comics series will appreciate this.

Anyone who has seen Umbrella Academy knows that they're in for one hell of an adaptation. Umbrella Academy was a relatively unknown IP that shot up in popularity after the show came out, with the original graphic novels from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá selling out really quickly. Everyone's now expecting a second season and it should leave a good impression on how Netflix treats their adaptation.

I mean, Netflix also made the Death Note movie but that's the exception from the norm.

Jupiter's Legacy doesn't have a release date yet. Fans can check out graphic novel collections of Jupiter's Circle and Jupiter's Legacy right now.

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