Sebastian Stan Jokingly Says He Isn't Fond of Anthony Mackie's Work Ethic

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We've seen some pretty formidable team-ups in the Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout the years but there's no denying that the dynamic duo of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes is set to be among the major players of the franchise's current phase. The chemistry between the two has always been evident but thanks to their Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, more fans realized just how lethal their combo could be.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

In real life, actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan share a close bond which makes working together so much easier. However, the Winter Soldier actor recently exposed his co-star's lack of professionalism and according to him, it's something he absolutely dreads. Speaking with Collider to promote his latest action thriller The 355, Stan opened up about taking on action roles that are physically demanding, giving praise to his co-actors in the film like Jessica Chastain. He would then bring up Mackie's name and say his work ethic makes him "dread" doing such sequences.

He jokingly explained: "I only dread it with Anthony [Mackie] because the problem is I have to wait for him for so long. Then it’s like, ‘Are we going to get the shot?’ I’ll tell you one thing, I didn’t have to wait on this film. Everybody was showing up with their A-game. Jessica [Chastain] was not holding any punches and some of them literally did land. But I think action is sort of this weird dance that I don’t know if it still gets the credit that it deserves. Don’t forget about the stunt teams who put in the level of commitment and how they come in and what they do and how difficult that is. But you either look good doing it or you don’t. It’s not something that I feel like everybody kind of learns."

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Meanwhile, Sebastian has stated in recent interviews that he isn't sure what's next for Bucky but of course, we all know that he's probably just keeping things under wraps. With Captain America 4 in development, it would be safe to assume that's where Barnes' story will progress, and hopefully, he'll be given a more substantial role and not be treated as Cap's sidekick again.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are set to continue their adventures on the big screen via Captain America 4.

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