Science Claims Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Snap is Impossible

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Credit: Marvel Studios

We've witnessed some pretty incredible feats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as captivating as they are, for the most part, we can all agree that the stuff we see on the big screen is physically impossible to recreate in real life. Now, science is stepping in to debunk Thanos' universe-shattering snap in the Avengers franchise. According to a group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (via ComicBook), it's impossible to do the Mad Titan's Infinity Gauntlet snap due to the fact that friction must come into play.

Credit: Marvel Studios

EurekaAlert! supports the research and noted that it's physically impossible to perform the snap while wielding metal, in this case, the Infinity Gauntlet. "Using high-speed imaging, automated image processing, and dynamic force sensors, the researchers analyzed a variety of finger snaps. They explored the role of friction by covering fingers with different materials, including metallic thimbles to simulate the effects of trying to snap while wearing a metallic gauntlet much like Thanos."

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I actually find it amusing that Science is debunking something that came from a fictional body of work because it's not like the Marvel Cinematic Universe insists that the things that happen in the franchise can be made impossible in real life.

In other news, Thanos' brother Eros aka Starfox just made his MCU debut in Eternals and with the Mad Titan reduced to ashes following Endgame, it'll be interesting to see what role Harry Styles' character will play in the billion-dollar franchise. Is he out to seek revenge for the demise of his brother? We don't know for sure.

Meanwhile, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame are available for streaming via Disney+.