Robert Pattinson Unveils Why Bruce Wayne's Alter Ego Isn't Fully Established In The Batman

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After months of waiting, The Batman just landed in theaters. Directed by Matt Reeves, the highly-anticipated film features Robert Pattinson as the new Bruce Wayne. This new reboot follows Bruce Wayne's second year of solving crimes for Gotham City, and the typical Bruce Wayne playboy persona wasn't shown in Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Pattinson's Batman puts all his focus on solving the crimes for Gotham City, specifically following the trails of Paul Dano's The Riddler.

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According to Robert Pattinson, moving away from the typical Bruce Wayne who acts like a playboy in public to hide his identity as the Bat vigilante was intentional. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Batman star discussed why it makes more sense for Bruce to not be a playboy.

"When you think about Bruce Wayne, you kind of think he's a playboy, and then that's how he disguises himself, so no one knows he's Batman. As soon as you take that away, it made the character almost make more sense. There's something about a person who would be able to delineate three incredibly distinct personalities, and then just being able to switch them as an outfit at will. That's really way more sociopathic than someone who doesn't really have much more control over it and is compelled to put this suit on. It's kind of out of his control a little bit."

Rather than drinking expensive drinks with women and driving luxurious cars like a typical Bruce Wayne, Pattinson's Batman has an alter-ego but not as a playboy, but as vengeance. However, [SPOILER WARNING] At the end of The Batman, Bruce Wayne had a major character development from being the vengeance he claims to be, to being the hero of Gotham City. It would be understandable why he has to be disoriented in the first film so that he could have a cool and slick Bruce Wayne in the future sequels of the film.

Seeing a different take on the new Batman reboot is such a breath of fresh air. With Matt Reeves featuring more grounded and dark materials for the film and rather than following a superhero film element, The Batman actually ended up in the detective genre.

The Batman
is now showing in theaters worldwide.

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