1883: Who Will Tom Hanks' Wife, Rita Wilson, Play in the Yellowstone Spin-off?

Credit: Rita Wilson/YouTube

Credit: Rita Wilson/YouTube

A surprise cameo by two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks in 1883, Paramount's spinoff of the blockbuster show Yellowstone, earned a lot of attention early on in Season 1. In addition to the actor's appearance, Rita Wilson, the actor's wife, is apparently appearing on the show as well.

Who is Rita Wilson Playing in 1883?

The 1883 premiere was greatly anticipated by Yellowstone fans, and it has so far fulfilled expectations by attracting some big-name talent.

While the main cast includes some big names, such as Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan and Billy Bob Thornton as Jim Courtright, the guest stars are just as good as the main cast.

After Hanks, Wilson is gracing 1883 with her presence.

Wilson will play Carolyn, a Doan's Crossing storekeeper who helps Margaret (Faith Hill) in unwinding with a whisky punch.

Wilson has been appearing in significant productions for decades, most notably in Girls, Full Circle, and The Good Wife, for those unfamiliar with her.

Wilson's Guest Spot: How Did It Come About?

We like to imagine it's comparable to how Wilson's well-known husband Hanks seemed earlier in the season. The Taylor Sheridan series was able to get them onboard for small roles since the two have a tight relationship with series actors Tim McGraw and Hill.

McGraw explained what it was like filming his sequences with his friend and Hollywood superstar Hanks to Cinemablend:

"You never want to botch a scene when you got Tom Hanks in there with you.”

We've already seen Hanks appear, and getting an actor of his caliber to perform in anything is n easy task. The same is true for Wilson, who is also a talented musician.

Despite only being on the air for a few weeks, 1883 has already established itself as the most successful series in Paramount+ history. It's an obvious conclusion that this show has a bright future ahead of it, and we'll have to wait and see what the streaming service announces.

Which Episode Will Wilson Appear?

The episode in which Wilson will appear has yet to be disclosed. 1883 Episode 4 will be available on Paramount+ Jan. 9, with new episodes released every Sunday.

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