Rian Johnson Shares New BTS Photos from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Everyone is showing their Star Wars love for May the Fourth, and it's only fitting that one of the most vocal director's on social media Rian Johnson should chime in. The cool thing is, Johnson has decided to share with us some of the photos that he took on the set of The Last Jedi.

Check them out:

Going through the photos, we have a picture of Frank Oz and his scene with Mark Hamill; Adam Driver and Hamill shooting their fight on Crait as Kylo and Luke; Finn, Rose, and the Broom Boy; and Anthony Daniels on the set of the Raddus control room without his C-3PO costume.

You have to hand it to Johnson, though a huge chunk of the fandom has gone to attack him online, he's managed to keep his composure on social media and is still a lot of fun on Twitter. The only other Star Wars family member I can imagine who's as active as him is John Boyega; too bad you can't say the same or the likes of Daisy Ridley or Kelly Marie Tran.

While a lot of people were excited for Rian Johnson and his own Star Wars trilogy, the ret-conning of The Last Jedi by The Rise of Skywalker kind of sends a message to the fans that Lucasfilm is going another direction. Personally, I lovedTLJ, and I think it's the voices of creatives like Johnson that deserve to make their mark with the property. We can't just keep relying on nostalgia and fanservice J.J. Abrams.

For now, you can watch the entire Skywalker Saga on Disney+.

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