Redo of Healer Episode 9: The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal! - Anime Review

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Redo of Healer Episode 9: The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal! - Anime Review

In Episode 8 of Redo of Healer, Keyaru finally met the future Demon Lord, Eve Reese in Buranikka, the only city where humans and demons co-exist, and the ending of that episode made me excited to watch the next episode (You can read my review of Episode 8 here). Episode 9, titled The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal, continues the sexual and revenge-driven adventures of Keyaru and girls. 

Warning: Spoilers from Redo of Healer Episode 9: The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal! ahead. 


The latest episode opens up with a meal between Keyaru and the three girls (Flare, Setsuna, and Eve). This scene is cute as it shows how naive Eve is. The future Demon Lord asks Keyaru if he is a good or bad person, and of course, the healer shows his cocky side, and says, "You won't find a better person than me in this world" while Flare and Setsuna tell her that he is good. Eve's question reflects how we question Keyaru's actions. "Words have power," Keyaru tells Eve. "If you keep saying you are a good person, then you will become a good person. Words become thoughts and thoughts lead to actions." Seeing Eve's skeptical reaction to the healer's "words of wisdom" is hilarious. There's no way that Keyaru is a pure-hearted angel, right, but this shows that how he doesn't feel guilt in his quest for revenge. 

Keyaru then invites Eve to join them in her journey to become the next Demon Lord, and she mentions that he wants to acquire the Philosopher's Stone after they kill the current Demon Lord. The healer also explains why he wants to end the feud between humans and demons, saying that the war with demons began as a way for Jioral Kingdom to make profit. Later on, when Keyaru asks Eve if there's a demon she can control to help them in their dangerous quest, she mentions the divine bird of fatal disease, Caladrius, who has the power to both end and spread disease. 

Keyaru goes to a pub where he encounters a member of the minotaur gang that attacked them in the previous episode. Despite his disguise, Keyaru was attacked because of his scent, but manages to get away. He clearly wants to get revenge of them, but before they can enact their revenge on the minotaurs, we get a sexy scene as Flare and Setsuna take off their clothes without hesitation in front of a man, and Eve's reaction made me chuckle. As another threesome between Keyaru, Flare, and Setsuna initiates, Eve goes to the next room blushing, playing with herself as she listens to their moans. The threesome is cut short, but it's a memorably hot one. Make sure to watch the uncensored version of this episode if you want to fully appreciate it. 

In the night attack, Keyaru is able to track where the minotaurs reside thanks to Setsuna's scent-tracking ability. Revenge can be deviously fun, and Keyaru shows that he knows how to deliver it. He throws a vial of the liquid concentrate of an aphrodisiac on a sleeping bull, and the bull's sex drive instantly went berserk as he immediately rises up and charges a minotaur demon. Keyaru and Setsuna easily take down the Mad Cow Tribe to "avenge for food". The healer is clearly having too much fun unleashing revenge. 

Keyaru and the three girls stop by an inn, and when Eve asks if Keyaru only got one room because she doesn't want to get disturbed again by their threesome, the healer tellls her that it's safer for her to share a room with them so that they could protect her more closely. 

The next day, Keyaru and Flare visit a merchant to buy a magic staff. The healer uses his magic to remove the staff's magical restrictions, and after the merchant realizes Keyaru's extraordinary skill, he gives him a special deal to get half of his gold back, and even gives him a mythril shortsword. Soon after that, Keyaru learns that Norn, Flare's sister and the "most ruthless and cunning temptress" of the Jioral Kingdom, has arrived with her army of elite knights, including Blade, the Hero of the Sword. The overpowered healer admits that even he can't easily defeat them. 

Despite the revenge-driven fun, entertaining dialogues, and short yet hot threesome sex scene of this episode,The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal! feels more like a filler episode that doesn't have any significant plot developments. We get to see Keyaru spend time with the girls, each with their own moment to shine, but there's little character development. The next episode, titled The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower, is expected to be more epic though as Keyaru and friends will most likely confront Princess Norn, Blade, and the army of elite knights. It's a build-up episode, and with only two more episodes to go in the first season of this anime, we know that the next two will most likely be more climactic. 

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Score: 4.0/10