Redo of Healer Episode 12: The Healer Starts a New Journey! - Anime Review

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Redo of Healer Episode 12: The Healer Starts a New Journey! - Anime Review

The final episode of Redo of Healer Season 1 has finally arrived, but sadly, the most controversial of 2021 animedoesn't go out with a bang.



Warning: Spoilers for the Redo of Healer Season 1 finale ahead! If you want to find out how to stream Redo of Healer online, you can click here

At the climax of Episode 11, The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality!, Princess Norn showed her evil side when she ordered her soldiers to kill the citizens of Branica, the only city where demons and humans co-exist, a brutal massacre which also ended up killing Keyaru's friend, Karman. Episode 12, titled The Healer Starts a New Journey! is all about Keyaru unleashing his vengeance on Norn and her elite protector, Trist Organ, a.k.a. Hawkeye. 

As expected, the overpowered healer easily invades Norn's property, brutally killing her knights on his path. The final boss of Keyaru's obstacle is Hawkeye, his strongest enemy yet, giving us one of the show's most action-loaded scenes yet, but who cares about the shonen elements of Redo of Healer? Do viewers really care about the fight scenes when we already know who will ultimately win? Hawkeye seems to be a formidable opponent at first, even hitting the healer with poison, but Keyaru's clawed gauntlet with a creepy eye called Georgius auto-heals him, making him invincible against Hawkeye's attacks. The way Keyaru finishes him off is as brutal as a Mortal Kombat fatality - so bloody and eye-popping (pun intended), it made me feel sick. 

With Hawkeye out of the way, Norn is the next and final target of revenge in Season 1, and I know viewers are expecting this to be the biggest revenge the anime has seen yet, since the past episodes have built up to this encounter, but the climax just doesn't live up to our expectations. Instead of brutally punishing Norn, the healer chains Norn's arms up high while he summons "Horny dog Flare" to arouse her sister. Seeing Flare taste her mouth and breast is kind of hot, but how is that punishment? How does that avenge the friend Norn's soldiers killed? It seems that Keyaru is just disguishing his sexual desires as "revenge", using lust as an excuse to play out his wildest fantasies. 

Keyaru fucks both sisters, and wipes off Norn's memories and replaces them with fake ones, but it doesn't feel like Norn really got what she deserves. Norn, whose name is now Ellen, just becomes another one of the healer's mindless companions with an "immeasurable amount of love" for him. 

Now that Norn has joined the gang, we get to see her join Keyaru and her other girls (Flare, Norn, Setsuna, and Kureha) in a fivesome that any boy would dream of, while Eve Reese peeks at the revenge gangbang, playing with herself outside the door, giving us our first look at her small breasts. 

This season finale failed to make revenge satisfying for the viewer, but as the title of this episode suggests, the healer's quest for vengeance is far from over. Keyaru tells his girls their next mission: subdue the divine bird Caladrius, take on the demon lord, and retrieve the Philosopher's Stone. There's also the Hero of the Gun, Bullet, and a perverted black man who seems to be hungry for Keyaru's cock - Who the hell is he? There's definitely enough material for a second season, but do we really want to see the anime continue the same revenge formula? Redo of Healer tries to blend hentai with some shonen elements, but this revenge-driven dark fantasy doesn't excel in delivering either. 


Despite the entertainment its controversial scenes provide, its cheap animation, uninspiring plot, and characters as flat as mannequins make Redo of Healer one of the worst anime shows of 2021. However, I'd admit, if they release Season 2 of this anime, I'd probably still watch it, because you know... for the "plot". 

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Rating: 2.0 / 10