Re: Zero Studio Releases An Apology Following Claims on Gender Discrimination

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White Fox Studios, the one who produced the popular anime show, Re: Zero, has been put under the prying eyes of many because of a job listing that they posted which apparently indicated the application for those who are only “women under the age of 26” and after this, they released a statement as regards the matter and offered an apology on the claims of gender discrimination.

Re: Zero Studio Releases An Apology Following Claims on Gender Discrimination
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Credit: White Fox Studios
Re: Zero Studio Releases An Apology Following Claims on Gender Discrimination

The studio behind Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World, Goblin Slayer, Steins;Gate, and The Devil is a Part-Timer has put under the spotlight of angered people after they posted a job listing that looks for “women under the age of 26” to apply and this, definitely, did not sit well among the people who saw the listing, more so, those who would want to apply but doesn’t reach the required age or gender.


People started to throw rocks at allegations of gender discrimination against the studio and finally, they speak up with an apology delivered by the director of White Fox Studio, Gaku Iwasa, which is also posted on the official Twitter account of the studio. Read the whole translated apology below:

"We deeply apologize for causing unpleasant feelings and worries to many people regardless of midnight. Even though I wasn't studying, I've been recruiting in the same way since the company was founded, so I'm sure there were people who felt the same way in the past.In the future, we would like to aim for a better working environment while studying without running away because I am not good at it. We have many points that we cannot reach, but for the time being, I learned about the "Equal Employment Opportunity Law for Men and Women" today. If you are interested in the revised application guidelines, please check again. We deeply apologize to all the people concerned and those who felt uncomfortable for making a noise again at midnight. -Representative Director Gaku Iwasa”

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The law Iwasa was talking about deals with equal employment opportunities for both sexes and it was in effect since 1972. The listing has since been changed from “women under the age of 26” to “a person under the age of 30.” While there is still the age requirement, the gender has since been removed and even men could apply for the said position.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World is one of the many anime shows under White Fox Studio that has been successful over the years. The show faced some delays due to the pandemic but it remained one of the most loved shows produced by the studio. Many fans remain clamoring for another season, however, there is no official word yet from anyone as regards the matter.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World is currently streaming online via Crunchyroll.