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Psy To Drop New Album After 5 Years: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Credit: Rolling Stone/YouTube Screenshot

The fan-favorite Oppa is back! Psy, who’s behind the hit songs “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” announced his return and dropped a major teaser for his new album, Psy 9th.

It has been five years since Psy released his last album, Psy 8th 4X2=8. Now, he returns in neon colors.

The Hints at Psy’s New Album

The 44-year-old hitmaker released the official cover image of his ninth LP, featuring his face in different, vibrant colors, per AllKpop. It also comes with some hints about the album.

Aside from revealing it will feature a total of 12 new songs, it also reveals the first letters of each track. As a bonus, the title track is said to have two words, and both start with the letter “T.”

Of course, fans expect these new songs to be wild as the previous ones. There may also be some top stars who will be featured this time around.

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So to whom Psy has collaborated? Fans will soon know as Psy 9th will drop soon.

Psy Officially Announced Psy 9th's coming

Psy is now officially making her return to the spotlight. He officially announced the coming of his new album in a post on Instagram.

He shared a clip from his 2013 concert, revealing the success of his 2013 smash hit "Gangnam Style," which reached the No. 2 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 back then.

He then revealed he might make another hit song as good as his "signature crossover hit."

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“I know a lot of you have high expectations for my next hit song," he said. "o be honest, I produced ‘Champion’ in 2002 and it took me exactly 10 years to produce a song that is more sensational than ‘Champion’ with the release of ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012.”

Later, he teased the next time fans would hear a new song like "Gangnam Style" is this year.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, perhaps the next time you meet a song like ‘Gangnam Style’ will be in 2022," he added.

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Billboard noted Psy's other hit song, "Gentleman," also experienced a big success on the Billboard chart in 2013. It ranked No. 5 on the Hot 100.

His last full-length album was out in 2017 under YG Entertainment, which he later left to establish his own agency, P Nation, in 2019.

Since then, he has signed a number of famed K-pop artists, like Jessi, HyunA, and the former PENTAGON member, Dawn, to name a few.

Fans Celebrate Psy's Return

As expected, fans celebrate Psy's return to the music scene.

"'Gangnam Style' effects on the world were Epic," one fan said, via Republic World. "Even the non-kpop fans were dancing to it. We need that kind of unity through music again."

Of course, hashtags #PSY and #Manifesting started to trend as fans asked the rapper to collab with their favorite stars.

Psy will officially drop Psy 9th on April 29 at 6 p.m. KST.


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