Prince William Heartbreak: What Did The Future King Learn From His Wife, Kate Middleton?

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Prince William, who came from a broken family, learned the significance of family after meeting his wife, Kate Middleton.

Prince William Appreciates Family Even More After Meeting Kate Middleton

Prince William and Prince Harry's parents,, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, separated when they were kids. Being kids of the future king of Britain and the Princess of Wales, they lived in a fishbowl.


According to previous reports, Prince William witnessed his mom's heartbreak due to his dad's alleged infidelity. The experience led him to take his time in choosing his bride. He didn't want to be pressured. He wanted to marry someone he really loved. One of the things he loves about his wife, Kate Middleton, is her attitude toward her family, which he learned from her.

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"Catherine has made me realise the importance of family. As you know, family hasn’t always been an easy thing for me," Prince William reportedly told a friend, per The Times.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton also believed that Middleton's family played a huge role in her relationship with Prince William. Apparently, the future king did not just fall in love with Middleton but with her entire clan.

"It was her family and her home, where William quietly spent time on weekend Army leave, that were ultimately to prove her secret weapon," Morton wrote in her 2011 book William and Catherine.

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What Did Kate Middleton Say About Her Family


Kate Middleton has always been proud and happy of her own family. One aide said that they could only count on one hand the number of times that a story upset the duchess. However, anything about family or her parents is a "touchpoint."

The aide said Middleton put too much importance on her family because they are everything to her. She has remained close to his parents and siblings even after she married Prince William. The duchess also speaks fondly of her childhood memories and family.

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"I had a very happy childhood," she previously said per The Times. "It was great fun — I’m very lucky, I’ve come from a very strong family — my parents were hugely dedicated to us."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family members, including Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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