Prince Harry Heartbreak: Duke Doesn't Understand Lost Privilege After Giving Up Royal Role, Former Royal Protection Officer Says

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry is fighting for his privilege to have royal protection when he and his family are in the UK to ensure their safety. However, according to a former royal protection officer, he is not entitled to it and doesn't understand it.

Prince Harry Loses Privileges After Giving Up Royal Role

The Duke of Sussex recently released a statement explaining why he hasn't returned to the United Kingdom with his family. According to Prince Harry, he wants to bring his wife Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lili to his home country. He has been requesting to pay for police protection to ensure their safety and it has been denied twice. So, he is requesting a judicial review hoping that the government will allow him to have police protection when he visits the UK.

"Police protection should not be for sale," former royal protection officer Ken Wharf wrote on Daily Mail. "Prince Harry has an outrageous cheek, demanding a full royal security detail to be reinstated when he visits the UK."

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Wharfe noted that Prince Harry is a private citizen. He left his royal duty and moved to another country by choice. He stressed that the duke's request should not be granted because Met police are not for hire.

"If he is granted the services of the Metropolitan’s royal protection squad, for which he has magnanimously offered to pay, every visiting Hollywood star and wealthy celebrity may as well expect the same privileges," Wharfe continued. "Britain would face the humiliating prospect of hiring out our highly trained and armed officers to any reality television narcissist or tinpot dictator’s children who can foot the bill."

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Is Prince Harry Security Concern Not Valid?

The Duke of Sussex insisted on paying for police protection because of the alleged threats toward his family. Prince Harry said his private security team has no jurisdiction in the country and could not replicate the Met police's service.

For Wharfe, Prince Harry's concern may not be valid because they are not in danger in the UK. Also, he noted that if they were put in danger, the police protection officers would surely respond.

"I am not convinced those dangers exist," he added. "Of course, if there is a credible threat, the police should without question guard against it – even if this means warning Harry he should not come to Britain."

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According to Wharfe, the only security issue was when the paparazzi chased his vehicle when he visited the UK in July 2021. However, it's a free country, so paparazzi are free to do so, to do their jobs.

Former Divisional Commander in the Metropolitan Police Service Dai Davies also argued with Prince Harry and shared the same sentiment as Wharfe — there is no security threat and police will respond if needed.

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"I would argue robustly against his case that he is not safe in the UK," Davies said. "If ever the British intelligence services did discover a threat to him and his family, they are hardly going to sit on it. It appears that Harry is creating scenarios that do not exist."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and other royal family members.

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