Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince Of Wales Called 'Climate Change Hypocrite,' Accused Of 'Wasting Millions Of Pounds'

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Prince Charles has been known for his efforts in conserving the environment. However, the Prince of Wales found himself in hot water after choosing for convenience in his most recent international trip.

Prince Charles Accused Of 'Absolute Hypocrisy'

The Prince of Wales had flown a plane 125 miles to RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk for convenience because the base was nearer to Sandringham, Express reported. We could not independently verify if it was really the reason the Prince of Wales ended with the decision.


However, the critics were not happy with her decision because he could have driven two hours to reduce the impact of the flight on the environment. The said choice would have been more aligned with his message at the COP26 climate conference when he urged the world leaders to prioritize the environment over convenience.

"We have to reduce emissions urgently," Prince Charles said. "We have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing. We know what we must do."

Unhappy with the Prince of Wales' decision, an anti-monarchist group Republic took to Twitter to slam the heir apparent.

"Charles has RAF jet fly to Norfolk to pick him up rather than drive to where the jet is based. Absolute hypocrisy," Republic tweeted.

Several netizens agreed with Republic and slammed the Prince of Wales because, for them, he didn't practice what he preached.

One netizen said he was "unfit, unqualified and unnecessary." Another urged the people not to believe whatever he says but watch his actions to see his real beliefs.

Prince Charles Uses RAF Planed With Biofuels


The Clarence House spokesman addressed the backlash Saturday. According to Prince of Wales' spokesperson, the voyager he used, Airbus A330, is the first RAF plane to run on biofuels blended with normal aviation fuel.

"The prince has campaigned for a shift towards sustainable aviation fuel as air travel is a crucial part of his work," the spokesperson explained. "As a result, this autumn the RAF introduced for the first time sustainable fuel and deployed it for this trip."

The use of biofuel and aviation fuel is considered a "sustainable" mix toward a carbon-free flight. Manufacturers claimed it could cut CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent. However, scientists have not given it a go signal for being truly green yet.