Pokemon Unite Release Date Announced, Free Pokemon Available at Launch

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Pokemon Unite, the upcoming MOBA-style game, is coming next week as a free download for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Unite will be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

Credit: Nintendo

All players will be able to download the game for free, but it does come with in-game purchases that allow players to unlock Pokemon outfits using paid in-game currency. Any player who downloads and logs into the game by August 3 will get the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora for free.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Nintendo has released a new trailer showcasing the cooperative gameplay experience for the Switch.

Developed by TenCent, Pokemon Unite is a new MOBA-style game with gameplay that involves two teams of Pokemon battling to collect Aeos Energy by defeating both wild Pokemon and Pokemon on their opponent's team and then depositing that energy in their enemy's goal to score points. Players also collect Exp. Points to level up their Pokemon, which causes them to evolve and unlock new abilities. Each Pokemon eventually learns the Unite Move with various effects and abilities.


Zeraora is the new electric type Pokemon announced for Pokemon Unite, and you can check out the Pokemon's full abilities in the trailer released today.

Pokemon Unite will initially have about 20 Pokemon in the starting roster, with more planned as post-launch editions. Other confirmed Pokemon include popular monsters like Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, and Lucario, as well as lesser known Pokemon like Cramorant, Dwebble, and Eldegoss. Each of them will fit into one of five different roles and will have different abilities. Pokemon can be unlocked by either puchasing via the game's premium currency or the game's free currency (earned by playing matches).

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A mobile version of Pokemon Unite will be released later this year, and cross-play will be available.