Pokemon: Sun and Moon Season 2 is Heading to Netflix

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Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is considered by many to be one of the long-running show's best seasons, thanks to wonderful animation and some outstanding fight scenes. The series has actually revived interest in the franchise for some, due to the fact that it seems to have more personality than previous seasons. Fans who have yet to check it out will be happy to know that the second season coming to Netflix on April 1.

No, it's not an April Fool's joke, relax.

The first season is already available on Netflix, so this should be great for bingeing. This way, fans have a lot of episodes to go through and should be a treat to those curious about the franchise or anyone who hasn't seen Pokemon in a while.


Sadly, there is a price to pay for this season coming to Netflix. According to ComicBook.com, Netflix will be losing Pokemon X and Y: The Series. This was also pretty well-liked by fans and revived interest for some since Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS was a lot of people's entryway back to the series. Fans can always re-watch these episodes in the official Pokemon website.

Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon currently airs on Disney XD but will be coming to Netflix on April 1.

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