Petition to Have FBI Investigate X-Men Director Bryan Singer Gains Traction

He may have directed X-Men, X2: X-Men United, Bohemian Rhapsody, and the glorious X-Men: Days of Future Past but a lot of reports seem to suggest that Bryan Singer is a creep. After a number of allegations during the height of the #MeToo movement, Singer basically disappeared but his stories are still there. Rapper Elijah Daniel seems to be sick of Singer as he shared a pretty damning thread about the X-Men director and concluded by asking fans to sign a petition so that the FBI can investigate him.

On this thread, Daniel shares a number of stories and photos from various stories, some of which may be new to people. All of these stories are still alleged since nothing has been determined yet, which is why Daniel wants the director investigated by the people who are investigating best (supposedly). He also claims that Singer is still active in his notoriously bad activities, which is disturbing.

Unsurprisingly, Singer's accusations were reportedly an open secret to the industry, which is something that happens depressingly often in Hollywood. It might be too soon to say that the director belongs in jail but when you have that many accusations against you, along with some damning receipts, no one can be blamed for taking some of them seriously.

We can only hope some change comes from this since predators are just the worst and no one should be forced to do anything, especially if they aren't emotionally mature yet. Sadly, we all know that Hollywood is full of creeps and it's going to take something more to make it more inclusive for everyone.

Bryan Singer has directed some great movies but that doesn't excuse him possibly being a shitty person.

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