Patrick Stewart's X-Men Co-Star James McAvoy Creates Wild Star Trek Parody Videos

It looks like boredom can actually lead to creativity. James McAvoy has decided to dedicate his free time to creating awesome Star Trek parody videos and even name drops Patrick Stewart's character.

McAvoy has been sharing the videos on his official Instagram account. The first video titled Star Force: Sci-Fisolation was dropped back in May and features the Split star playing two versions of himself. Not surprisingly, his evil clone is back in the second installment titled Star Force 2 and there's even an older version of McAvoy's character who sounds a lot like Clint Eastwood. You can watch the second episode below.

We're loving the fact that Star Force 2 is a lot longer than the first one which only clocked in at over 5 minutes. However, the sequel goes over 12 minutes and has all the drama and suspense you would want in a home-made movie.

Star Force 2 also features Brendan O'Rourke and Kevin Mains who worked together on the script. Ross Mains directs both episodes as well.

It's hilarious that McAvoy would decide to create Star Trek parodies considering that he has previously worked with Stewart. In fact, he plays the younger version of Stewart's Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. Could this lead to McAvoy playing a younger Jean-Luc Picard in the future? We're keeping our fingers crossed on the idea.

When he isn't making Star Trek parodies, McAvoy is recording his performance for the Sandman Audible which will be released on July 15.

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