05 Apr 2021 12:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Original Water Polo Anime RE-MAIN Introduces Cast Members in New Trailer

We are truly living in another wonderful age right now, with so many original stories being produced as anime! Another fantastic example of this is the upcoming man service water polo anime titled RE-MAIN, which will premiere before the end of 2021.

In a brand new trailer that hit the internet on Monday, April 5th, they introduced the world to the main characters and get a peek into the story that these young men and women will be following.

RE-MAIN is all about a young man named Minato Kiyomizu who used to play water polo in junior high. Unfortunately, as is common in these stories, he gave up the sport in his third year of junior high because of an incident. Once he joins high school, he doesn't really want anything to do with the sport but is roped into joining the school's team, anyway.

The cast for the series has also been announced as follows (character names first):

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Minato Kiyomizu: Yuuto Uemura
Eitaro Oka: Kotaro Nishiyama
Jo Jojima: Subaru Kimura
Chinu Kawakubo: Lynn

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Shugo Amihama: Souma Saito
Takekazu Ejiri: Makoto Furukawa
Yutaka Babayaro Inomata: Tasuku Hatanaka
Yoshiharu Ushimado: Daisuke Hirose

Studio MAPPA will animate this series with Masafumi Nishida handling many hats behind the scenes. Not only is Nishida signed on as the general director, but they're also credited as the original story writer and are in charge of the series composition and scripts for every episode. Assisting them will be Kiyoshi Matsuda, who will also be directing.


I am all over the world getting more original stories. After a decade of isekai adaptations, I'm more than ready for our "next big thing" to come around, and with any luck, this trend of original stories will be it. We absolutely need fresh stories within the anime community at large, and it's always fun to be able to watch something that's brand new without the fear of anyone spoiling what's going to happen next.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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