Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer: Who is Cisco?

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It’s not always everyday that we find someone whom we can trust wholeheartedly but for Mickey Haller, he found it with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, a private investigator he also hired, Cisco. Throughout the series, he does all the digging and some dirty work for the titular character but who is he in The Lincoln Lawyer, anyway?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Lincoln Lawyer! Read at your own risk!

Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer: Who is Cisco?

Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer: Who is Cisco?
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Credit: Netflix
Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer: Who is Cisco?

Played by Angus Sampson, known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, Insidious, and The Mule, Dennis Wojciechowski is the lead investigator of Mickey Haller who has connections with the LAPD and a former member of the biker gang, Road Saints. Also known as Cisco, he is the fiance of the second ex-wife of Haller, Lorna.

A big guy from Milwaukee who has a nose for uncovering truths, Cisco is an intimidating figure and his demeanor will definitely make you spill the truth. He rides a 1963 Harley Davidson motorcycle and he has a keen eye for details.

Cisco digs deep – he knows where to look and how to search when he has an idea of what to look for. As uncanny as their arrangement may be, he is also employed by The Lincoln Lawyer along with Cisco’s fiance and Haller’s ex-wife Lorna. They actually make a great team and Cisco always has the back of Haller, no matter what happens.

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Cisco’s future remains unknown because in the finale, he went to the Road Saints where he found out that the reason why Haller was doing pro bono cases for them would lead to a tarnish on the good lawyer’s name. It was his debt being paid by Haller. He accepted the fact that his debts are his so he was sent by the Road Saints off to somewhere, probably a story if there would be Season 2.

See more of Cisco on The Lincoln Lawyer, now streaming on Netflix.


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