Netflix Loses Its Rights to Daredevil This November

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Though Marvel has possession of all their characters, there are still some tricky legal issues when it comes to Marvel Netflix heroes like Daredevil and Luke Cage. What's interesting is, Netflix will be losing their rights to Matt Murdock later in the year.

According to ComicBook, Netflix's deal to use Daredevil will expire this November, opening up Daredevil to be used in other MCU properties. A rumor has been going around that Matt Murdock will be playing a part in the third Spider-Man movie, and with the rights reverting back to Marvel, that means everything would be lining up for Matt Murdock to meet Peter Parker.


Then again, Daredevil in Spider-Man is just a rumor for now. Though with the rights definitely leaving Netflix, everything lines up pretty nicely for the Man without Fear to make his official MCU debut.

Personally, I think an intro in Spider-Man 3 would be perfect for Daredevil. With Peter Parker being outed as Spider-Man, he would need someone to defend him for these accusations of murder, and who would be better to handle that than scrappy lawyer Matt Murdock? I don't even need him to appear as Daredevil; they can stick him in an after-credits scene for all I care, but at least bring back Charlie Cox's Atty. Murdock.

Though the show had been cancelled back in 2018, more rumors have been going around that Kevin Feige wants to salvage some of the Marvel Netflix heroes. Though they aren't perfect, I think there's a benefit to just bringing in the Defenders roster with the rest of the MCU without any significant reboots. Is it too late to put Iron Fist in Shang-Chi as well?

Though Daredevil hasn't been officially confirmed, Spider-Man 3 is set to come out July 16, 2021.

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