10 Jun 2019 1:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Announces Love, Death, and Robots Vol. 2

Though episodes were hit and miss, Netflix's Love, Death, and Robots was a fun little anthology series for anyone who loved animation and sci-fi. Just in, the streaming platform is planning on making a second season for the show, and Kung Fu Panda's Jennifer Yuh Nelson is going to be supervising director for the series.

Check it out:

Interestingly, the show was created by Tim Miller, who was the same man behind the helm of Deadpool. We don't know how much involvement he'll have in this second season, but this looks to be the first time that Nelson is involved with the series.


Like I said, the episodes are a bit hit and miss for me, but there are certainly some great gems here and there. The Witness looked absolutely fantastic, and it felt like an R-Rated expansion from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There's also some great poetry when it came to the story of Zima Blue. As for all the episodes, there were a lot of fantastic visuals.

We don't know what to expect from the second volume of Love, Death, and Robots, but hopefully there's a lot more consistency when it comes to quality. At some point, the series kind of felt like cinematic intros for a bunch of cancelled video games. Hopefully Vol. 2 won't be the same case.

No release date has been announced for Love, Death, and Robots Vol. 2.

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