NASA Celebrates Star Wars with Satellite Images of Original Filming Locations

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Star Wars fans celebrated the 43rd anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope's theatrical release last week and now it looks like NASA is joining in on the fun by sharing brand new satellite images of the movie's original filming locations.

Posting on Facebook, NASA decided to share satellite images of the original Star Wars filming locations in Tunisia. Not only do the images point out where scenes showcasing Obi-Wan Kenobi's house, but they also showcase scenes that took place in Mos Eisley.

George Lucas made it a point to make Tattoine seem like it came from another planet, and so he filmed scenes from Los Angeles to Death Valley National Park in California.

"In the movie, Mos Eisley was a dusty, bustling port city set on a desert plain," NASA wrote on its Facebook post. "In the real world, parts of several key scenes from the spaceport were filmed in Ajim, a fishing town on the Tunisian island of Djerba. The island (also called Jerba) is situated in the Gulf of Gabes on the Mediterranean Sea."

A number of sequences of A New Hope were also filmed in Tunisia. This included scenes that featured the Lars homestead where Luke lived. It also includes the iconic shot of Luke Skywalker looking out at Twin Suns on Tattoine.

Star Wars fans are certainly lucky to get satellite shots of A New Hope filming locations from NASA. It's a great way to revisit the film.

The Skywalker saga is currently available for streaming on Disney+.

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