11 Oct 2019 12:37 PM +00:00 UTC

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Goes Plus Ultra in New Trailer

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second anime movie in this franchise and it looks like more of what fans want, though at a cost. The fact that this movie was originally going to be the series finale before My Hero became such a hit is going to get a lot of fans interested. As if that wasn't interesting enough, the movie will also have the anime debut of an important character who hasn't appeared in the anime series yet.

From what can be seen in the trailer, movie-only villain Nine is causing chaos in both a small town and a big city since he is the supposed heir apparent to All For One, at least until Tomura Shigaraki became a thing. Still, the character looks like a threat and it's going to be interesting seeing how Deku beats him, especially with All Might no longer active.


Of course, he does have an explosive rival who can provide some support. What was his name? Bad Character? Explosive Moron? Oh right, Katsuki Bakugo.

There will also be a lot of fans who will be happy to know that Heroes Rising will be the anime debut of Hawks, the number two hero behind Endeavor. Right now, he is very important in the manga but has yet to appear in the anime, though that's about to change. Expect him to get in the anime soon, likely after this movie comes out.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is getting a December 20 release in Japan and will likely get a Western release soon.

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