New Mirage Queen Anime Film to Arrive in Spring 2025

a woman in a black dress is holding a glass of red wine .
Credit: Kaoru Hayami, K2 Shokai, Kodansha / "Kaitou Queen" Production Committee

a woman in a black dress is holding a glass of red wine .
Credit: Kaoru Hayami, K2 Shokai, Kodansha / "Kaitou Queen" Production Committee

Get ready for more thrilling heists and daring adventures, as the Mirage Queen novel series is releasing a new anime film next year. Titled Mirage Queen Vacances Elegantes, the upcoming movie will bring back the Mirage Queen and Joker as they embark on another exciting mission.

New Mirage Queen Anime Movie Is Coming to Japanese Cinemas Next Spring

The Japanese production company Pony Canyon announced that the Mirage Queen novel series is getting a new anime film called Mirage Queen Vacances Elegantes next year.

The film will premiere in Japan in the spring season, though there’s no word yet on its exact release date or month. However, we can predict the upcoming film’s likely release window based on the series' previous releases.

In June 2022, a prequel anime OVA titled Mirage Queen Prefers Circus was released to commemorate the novel series’ 20th anniversary. This OVA is also available to stream on HIDIVE.

Given that Mirage Queen Vacances Elegantes is slated for a spring release, it would be safe to assume that it might premiere in late May to early June 2025 to coincide with the series’ anniversary.

There’s also a chance it might be picked up by HIDIVE after its Japanese theatrical run, similar to the prequel OVA.

What Could the New Mirage Queen Film Be About? Here’s What We Think

The new film’s announcement came with a teaser visual that shows the titular main character Mirage Queen and their partner, Joker, on their airship called Troubadour.

Interestingly, the Mirage Queen is disguised as Countess Angelique von Périgord in the teaser visual, which could indicate the new mission they will have.

The reveal did not come with any specific details about the story, but the teaser may hold some clues regarding what fans may expect in the new film.

The characters will likely embark on an exciting mission aboard the ship, which could be similar to the highly acclaimed Cruise Adventure arc in Spy x Family season 2.

Fans may look forward to a new heist involving the mysterious Mirage Queen whose gender, age, and nationality are unknown. They will be joined by their assistant, Joker, as they fly around in their airship and steal anything they desire.

The new heist will most likely involve a new story and set of characters that the Mirage Queen will encounter in her guise as a countess, making for an exciting viewing experience.

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