Michael Burnham Gets a Brand-New Look for Star Trek Discovery Season 3

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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 will be coming out this October and fans are pretty excited to see what happens, even if the show is a little more influenced by the newer movies rather than the old show. That being said, we are looking forward to the fallout from Season 2 now that Spock has left for Strange New Worlds, with major changes expected. CBS Access has decided to release a new image of Michael Burnham in her new look, while also teasing a new insignia.

The image was first shared by CBS below, sharing Burnham's new look with some of the crew from Star Trek: Lower Decks. It looks like things are looking up for Star Trek fans since recent years have felt like a drought when it comes to content from the franchise, especially since we don't seem to be getting a new movie anytime soon.

Anyway, the new image of Michael is pretty cool and we're excited to see what the new insignia means for Star Trek Discovery Season 3. Granted, they are 900 years into the future so this might just be the insignia of their Starfleet in the timeline but we'll wait and see. Also digging the long-haired look for Michael, just because I like seeing characters change up their look.

CBS All Access will debut Star Trek Discovery Season 3 this October. Expect more on the Discovery spin-offs like Strange New Worlds sooner or later.

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