Michael B. Jordan’s Fantastic Four Casting Backlash Forced Director to Sleep With Gun

While it isn't a surprise to hear that there was trouble during the production of Josh Trank's 2015 Fantastic Four comic book movie, it seems like work became pretty intense because of the backlash behind Michael B. Jordan's casting as a black Johnny Storm.

Speaking in an interview with Polygon,Fantastic Four director Josh Trank opens up about the backlash that he received when he decided to cast Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in his comic book movie. According to the filmmaker, the threats became so intense, he began sleeping with a gun beside his bed as a precaution against angry fanboys.

"I was getting threats on IMDb message boards saying they were going to shoot me. I was so fucking paranoid during that shoot. If someone came into my house, I would have ended their f*****g life," the director told the entertainment news outlet.

"When you're in a head space where people want to get you, you think, 'I'm going to defend myself,'" he added.

While we understand why fans would be upset that Trank decided to go against the source material by casting Jordan as Johnny Storm, there's no excuse for rabid fanboys going out of their way to personally attack the cast and crew of Fantastic Four.

Fan culture has gotten pretty intense as of late. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, fans have been taking things too far, attacking the cast and crew of movies because they simply don't agree with storytelling choices or with casting decisions.

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