MCU Director Lambasts Disney for 'Disturbing' Treatment of Scarlett Johansson

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It's been close to a year since Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against Disney rocked Hollywood and while all parties involved were able to reach a settlement, some people still have something to say about the issue and one of them is famed Marvel director and one-half of the Russo Brothers, Joe Russo who was a frequent collaborator of the actress.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

To give you a refresher, the Marvel Cinematic Universe actress sued the House of Mouse last year over Black Widow's release model. Originally, the film was exclusively intended for a theatrical release but Disney decided to make it available via Disney+'s Premium Access feature.

It resulted in the film not living up to its box office potential and not only that but making Black Widow available on Disney+ at the same time it opened in theaters reportedly cost Johansson millions of dollars.

Now, Russo is offering two cents regarding the issue and according to him, there are other ways the company could've handled the situation. Speaking with Den of Geek, the Avengers: Endgame director hit back at Disney and said: "That was really not an appropriate way for them to handle that situation. It was disturbing to us as artists. Scarlett is a good friend of ours, and we were disheartened by how it was handled. We’re glad it’s resolved."

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It'll be interesting to see if Russo's latest remarks will affect his working relationship with Disney and Marvel Studios. However, it's worth noting that even Kevin Feige sided with Johansson amid the controversy, and seeing as he wasn't reprimanded by the company, I guess the Russos are still welcome to return to the MCU anytime they wish.

Marvel Studios' Black Widow is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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