Marvel Teases War Between Avengers and Eternals

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Next year’s Marvel's Free Comic Book Da seems to hint at a tension that is building between the X-Men and the Avengers, Eternals #10 sees the Avengers and the Eternals possibly going to an all-out war. Marvel Comics revealed today that the issue Eternals #10 will see the Eternals still reeling from the time when Thanos became their elected leader, infiltrating the Avengers Mountain, the headquarters that the Avengers built upon the corpse of a dead celestial, a move that some of the Eternals consider being sacrilege. The press release of Marvel for the issues teases that it is "the lead-in to the biggest Marvel Comics storyline of 2022." You can look at the cover of Eternals #10 by Esad Ribic, showing both Ikaris and Captain Marvel fighting, below.

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In an interview with ahead of the release of the series, the writer, Kieron Gillen, hinted at how his run on the Eternals with Esad Ribic would touch on other parts of the huge Marvel Universe. " For me, it's the ideal mix of huge and contained," Gillen said. "It's touching some of the most important players and pieces in the Marvel universe (and so clearly is going to echo out) while also being entirely it's own book, a singular compelling statement. The opening year is an epic, and the aim is to be classic."

As mentioned earlier, Thanos is currently the one leading the Eternals. In February's special Eternals: The Undying, a much worse threat will be emerging.

"For a second, try and have sympathy with Thanos," Gillen explained in a statement discussing the debut of Uranos in the issue. "He was born on Titan, to a family which he loathes and has nothing in common with. In our run, he arrives on Earth, and meets the rest of his extended family... and discovers that it's the same thing, all over again. He has nothing in common with any of these people. How depressing for Thanos. And then he discovers... Uranos the Undying, Omnigenocidal Great Uncle, the rotting monstrous tree which Thanos' apple barely fell from, proof that perhaps this capacity of horror does skip a generation. So it's a happy ending for Thanos, really. Unhappy for everyone else, admittedly, but you can't have everything. This is a story about some of the darkest periods in the Eternals saga, as two of the worst people in the Marvel Universe get to know each other. Less Meet Cute, more Meet Execute."

Eternals #10 will be available in March of 2022. It was written by Kieron Gillen and the art and cover of the issue were made by Esad Ribić.

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