Marvel Brings Back X-Men: Evolution Graphic Novel to Celebrate Series' 20th Anniversary

X-Men: Evolution is often considered to be one of the best animated shows starring Marvel's merry band of mutants. It had a healthy lifespan and fans really dug each season, which is why many were happy to see this acclaimed series come to Disney+. As if that wasn't enough to like, the show is officially 20-years-old and Marvel has decided to collect some of the tie-in comics and release them as a single graphic novel to celebrate.

The series was written by comic book veteran Devin Grayson and drawn by various artists from UDON Studios, who also did the acclaimed Street Fighter comic books. While the issues have been available on Comixology, this is the first time we'll be seeing these comics physically for two decades, which is pretty crazy.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

We're honestly surprised that Marvel didn't release an X-Men: Evolution collection earlier since they have been releasing graphic novels based on the ‘90s Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons. It seems like they are spacing these releases out and we hope more of their tie-in comics will get released as well.

Personally, I would love to see the comic book tie-ins of Avengers: Earth's MightiestHeroes and Ultimate Spider-Man. Both shows actually released a good amount of original material before it was decided to make these comics collect screencaps from the show with added word bubbles. Meh.

This X-Men: Evolution graphic novel is coming out this December.

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