Marvel Announces Fortnite Collaboration for Next Week With a Certain God of Thunder

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Marvel is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world and Fortnite is a game that gets more popular each passing day, so we were going to get another big collaboration from them sooner or later. The two have already made several crossover promotions, bringing Thanos and members of X-Force to this popular free-to-play shooter so it makes sense that more would come.

On Twitter, Marvel shared a short video that simply shows the Fortnite logo with Thor in it. It's clear that this means Thor will be coming to the game soon, with this crossover seemingly planned for next week. The teaser suggests that this Fortnite Marvel collaboration will happen next week on August 27 so we're sure we'll see Thor by then.

Despite being a game filled with guns and other weapons, Fortnite has been home to heroes that wouldn't use them at all. Aquaman, Catwoman, even Batman himself, it's made for a weird place for these iconic characters to inhabit, though at least these are just cosmetic skins and don't really change anything. Only the X-Force characters seemed to blend in here since Cable and Deadpool use guns all the time.


I doubt that this announcement will make anyone forget about the current legal battle that Epic Games and Apple (along with Google) are going through. The game was recently removed from Apple's App Store after Epic presented players with a way to pay them directly at a discount. It was a move they knew was going to lead to trouble, hence all the fuss they've made since.

Fortnite is available now, with the Thor collaboration coming on August 27.

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