Mark Hamill Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Star Wars Legend Peter Cushing

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Credit: Lucasfilm

When you think about the greatest villains in Star Wars lore, names like Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Grand Admiral Thrawn come to mind, and obviously for good reason. However, some fans tend to overlook one baddie from the original trilogy and that's none other than Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, played by the late Peter Cushing. The Imperial Officer may not be the most powerful being in the galaxy but his mere presence alone is enough to strike fear and terror in the hearts of viewers.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Unsurprisingly, even the franchise's longest-tenured actor Mark Hamill is a huge fan of Tarkin and he believes that Peter Cushing's menacing character is the most heartless villain in Star Wars history. Taking to Twitter, Hamill paid a heartfelt tribute to the late actor by sharing an image of himself and the Star Wars icon and it's guaranteed to hit you right in the feels.

Hamill's touching caption reads: "That time when one of the kindest & considerate of gentlemen I've ever met played one of the most heartless & evil villains in the galaxy." Check out the image here.

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Tarkin will definitely go down as one of the best villains the franchise has ever seen and there's a reason why Cushing has been featured in countless Star Wars spinoffs following his passing in 1994. That alone speaks volumes of how great of a villain he actually was.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Wars fix, including the original trilogy over at Disney+.