01 Nov 2021 5:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Man Dressed as Joker Terrorizes Tokyo Train During Horrifying Knife Attack

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Kyota Hattori, a 24-year-old Japanese native wreaked havoc inside a Tokyo commuter train dressed as the iconic DC Comics villain Joker. According to a report from the Associated Press, Hattori stabbed several passengers inside the passenger train near the Kokuryo station and injured 17 people. If that wasn't horrifying enough, the man, wearing a costume inspired by Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker reportedly set the train on fire, causing much panic like only Batman's arch-nemesis could.

The attacker was later arrested before he could cause more harm and when the police asked for his motive, Hattori simply said that he wanted to kill people to get the death penalty. He also said that he's a fan of the character himself.

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Much like the character he was imitating, the attacker will most likely be spending his time behind bars for the foreseeable future. Let's hope an incident like this doesn't happen again because Halloween isn't supposed to strike fear in the hearts of people.

Meanwhile, speaking of Mistah J, Joaquin Phoenix's "Elseworld" version of the character is rumored to return in Joker 2.