LEGO Star Wars Unveils 501st Legion Clone Troopers Kit

Credit: LEGO/Twitter

Credit: LEGO/Twitter

Army-building has always been a thing when it comes to collectors, and LEGO Star Wars fans are sure to love LEGO's latest reveal.

Have a look at the 501st Legion Clone Troopers kit:

The kit is set to run for $29.99 and will come out in August. It includes four clones, two droids, a speeder, and a walker. If I do have one gripe about the kit, I think this version of the AT-RT is quite large. When you look at the movie design, you would think that it would be smaller. I would have also loved a Captain Rex figure to come with this kit, but if this was for an army builder, I would think that they'd appreciate just getting the grunt clones with the 501st colors.

Though clone troopers are commonplace in Star Wars, there has always been a special spot in the fandom for the 501st. The legion is known to have been the one under the command of Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, and in the days of the Empire, they were nicknamed Vader's Fist. Even the official Star Wars costuming group has branded themselves as the 501st Legion.

A lot of collectors are pretty happy with this kit, and with the lockdown right now, more people are finding themselves coming back to LEGOs for something to do. Then again, hopefully, the world will be back to normal once this kit comes out in August.

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