Legion Showrunner Still Wants to Make ‘Doctor Doom’ Movie, Already Talked with Kevin Feige

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Legion showrunner Noah Hawley is currently prepping for the final season of his show, but not too long ago, he was commissioned by Fox to write a movie centered on Fantastic Four villain, Doctor Doom. With Marvel Studios getting their characters back, Hawley says that he still pretty much wants to make his movie, and he's also talked with Marvel head Kevin Feige.

Hawley tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"I wrote a script about Doctor Doom, an antihero story I really like, and we're still talking about making it. I'm trying to get out from under this movie I made and this last season of Legion and Fargo is coming back up… but for better or worse, these are the stories we want to hear right now."


Hawley also talks about a recent meeting with Feige, and says, "I did sit down with [Marvel Studios' president] Kevin Feige recently and I said that I look at myself as sort of the Marvel R&D department… I know the genre can do all of these amazing things that [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] is doing, but my feeling is, what else can we do with it? Can we make it surreal? Can we make it musical? Not as a gimmick, but all of these techniques are about putting you into the subjective experience of these characters."

Though Marvel movies have been cookie-cutter for a while, a lot of people are hoping that they shake up the formula when it comes to Phase 4. I think a Doctor Doom movie would definitely be interesting. I mean, the DCEU may be lagging behind, but they have more experimental films like the upcoming Joker which looks fantastic. Hopefully, we get something like that with Marvel soon.

For now, we wait for the release of Spider-Man: Far from Home which comes out July 2.

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