Kathryn Hahn Wants Possible Reunion with Elizabeth Olsen in New MCU Project

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There is little doubt that Agnes aka Agatha Harkness was one of the best things about WandaVision. But is there any chance we'll see her again in the future? Kathryn Hahn has just admitted she's eager to be reunited with co-star Elizabeth Olsen in a new Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

Hahn actually got a mini-reunion with Olsen at the MTV TV & Movie Awards where she bagged the Best Villain award. In a pre-show Q&A, Hahn was asked if she would like to work with her WandaVision castmate again soon. Not surprisingly, the Saturday Night Live alum confirmed it is something she is hoping for in the future.

"Yes... I would love for them to be together again," Hahn said. "Who knows?"

But has Marvel actually contacted her about returning as Agatha? "They run a tight ship. I've heard nothing," Hahn said.


We're loving the idea of seeing Agatha working with Wanda Maximoff again soon. After all, the two had a lot to learn from each other as long as Agatha wasn't busy trying to steal Wanda's powers.

For now, there hasn't been any confirmation about Agatha possibly returning to the MCU. However, fans believe that they haven't seen the last of Agatha just yet. There is a possibility that the character will be back in Scarlet Witch's next project. Nevertheless, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Hahn's next project is the sequel to Knives Out, which will still be directed by Rian Johnson. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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