K-Drama: The Most Underrated Titles Of 2021 Revealed

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Credit: Netflix Asia/YouTube Screenshot

South Korean entertainment has continued to expand its reach across the globe. Apart from the world of K-pop, the K-drama industry has also flourished in the last few years.

In 2021, numerous titles premiered on different platforms. While several series materials have, indeed, taken the spotlight, there are a few “gems” that are seemingly “overlooked” by the public.

AllKpop, alongside other publications, recently released a list of the K-dramas that people should try soon. As stated, they should have been on charts, as well, because of their excellent plots and impressive productions.

K-Drama Series That Deserve More Love

The publication included So, I Married An Anti-Fan, Monthly Magazine Home, Undercover, and You Are My Spring on its list of the most underrated K-drama series in 2021. Navillera and The Witch’s Diner also made it into the cut, although fans have some arguments about the titles’ inclusion in the report.

As countered, most of these series materials are not reportedly underrated. Many fans and avid watchers are said to have loved these shows.

Even so, whether they are, indeed, underrated or not, the only certain thing is that they are all worth it to watch. Accordingly, they deserve more love and attention from the public.

Titles That Have Not Received Much Buzz

Soompi also recently dropped its list of the most underrated K-drama titles of the year. It named five shows, which are Reflection of You, She Would Never Know, Let Me Be Your Knight, Work Later, Drink Now, and Dali and Cocky Prince.

These series materials, while starring prominent actors and actresses, have not appeared to have received much talk from the audience. This seemingly explains why the publication included them on its own list.

Must-Haves On Watchlist Today

Other publications also previously released a list of South Korean dramas that people should include in their respective watchlists.

In the case of BuzzFeed, it emphasized that these titles are “absolute perfection,” making them a “worth it” addition to anyone’s library.

Some of the other titles on its list are Save Me, Mother, Hell Is Other People, More Than Friends, Record of Youth, and Flower of Evil. It also mentioned Just Between Lovers, My Country: The New Age, The Light In Your Eyes, Signal, and Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight.

Many of these K-drama materials premiered much earlier than 2021. So, it appears that the publication’s chart is more of a recommendation to its audience about some of the titles that people should see before the year ends.