Justice League Director Zack Snyder Addresses Removal of Henry Cavill's Mustache in 2017 Cut

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Joss Whedon had some pretty controversial creative decisions which ultimately led to the failure of his 2017 cut of Justice League. One of them is the infamous CGI removal of Henry Cavill's mustache which was done when Whedon took over the project and commenced with his reshoots in 2017. The reason behind the reshoots has something to do with the director wanting to put a more family-friendly vibe to the film.

Thankfully, we see no traces of that unsettling CGI'd face of Henry Cavill in the Snyder Cut as he refused to use any of Whedon's existing footage for his own cut of the project. Now, after almost four years of being silent about it, Snyder is finally sharing his thoughts about the controversial Whedon move. In an interview with MTV News, Zack that he's only seen the digitally-erased mustache of Cavill through memes.

According to Snyder, he's thankful that they were able to save Henry's Superman legacy through the Snyder Cut. He explains: "It was funny because part of me is happy that we were able to have that not been the total legacy of the hard work that he had done over the last ten years, you know? It's sad to think that that could have been the last view that people had of Superman was with that, whatever that is."


The Snyder Cut pretty much redeemed all of the characters that were watered down by Whedon's vision and that of course includes the Man of Steel. As someone who has been behind the Snyder Cut movement since 2017, I'm genuinely delighted that the project is getting all the attention it deserves, and hopefully, its current success will change WB's mind over the future of the DCEU.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is now available for streaming on HBO Max.

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