Jon Bernthal's Return as Punisher Seemingly Confirmed by Rosario Dawson

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Now that Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio have made their return as their respective Daredevil characters in the MCU, a lot of fans are hoping that more actors from the Defenders shows will also make their comeback soon to reprise their roles and hopefully become part of the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again.

However, it looks like there is another character from the Defenders shows who might be making their MCU return soon. According to, during her recent appearance on a Q&A panel at C2E2, Rosario Dawson, who played Claire Temple, seemingly confirmed that Jon Bernthal is making his return as the Punisher in the MCU.


"I found out yesterday that the Punisher was happening again," Dawson said. "So I feel like it's my second chance because it was one of the only shows that I wasn't in and I love Jon Bernthal. So let's all make it happen collectively, guys. I'll be so happy to bring Claire Temple, Night Nurse back for sure."

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So far, Marvel Studios has not made an official confirmation that Bernthal's Punisher will be part of any of their upcoming MCU projects. Unless she made a mistake, it sounds like Dawson gave away a huge spoiler about the character's fate in the MCU which is obviously against the secrecy nature that Marvel always does. For now, we need to take it with a grain of salt.

Considering that Marvel Studios is currently working on Daredevil: Born Again where Cox and D'Onofrio are expected to return, there is the likelihood that they'll bring back Bernthal's Punisher since he was part of the original Netflix series and the character is also a fan favorite.

It would be interesting to see whether they'll actually bring back the character in the future of the MCU soon and how they'll adapt him to the PG-13 nature of the franchise. If it ever does happen, a lot of fans will surely be happy about it.

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