Joker: AMC Theaters Bans Student Over a Prank

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It's no mystery that the release of Joker was filled with controversy, and the news was going around that theaters were taking extra precautions just in case anyone was attempting a repeat of the 2012 Aurora shooting. Twitter user @jinpayn had posted a photo of a flyer saying that AMC theaters have banned singles from watching the film as a prank, but AMC took it very seriously.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the young prankster (last name Payne) has been banned for life from the theaters. This was his original prank:

And a few days later, he received this e-mail from AMC:

A lot of people had thought that Payne's prank was real, and AMC was then flooded with several questions as to whether the flyer was real or not. Payne had also been playing along with the gag after several people asked him about it, but AMC had caught up with him, and he's now paying the price.


Talking to THR, Payne was asked if it was all worth the hassle, to which he replied:

"I don't do anything for the lulz because I'm not that type of meme loser, so I guess it wasn't really worth it… but I was having fun with it at the time so I don't know. It was kinda just something for my friends to laugh about. The theater no-singles policy has been a long-running joke online and has evolved to other more absurd claims such as a singles tax, theater metal detectors, theater penis inspection, etc. So I joke about that with them — and I do go to the movies alone so I've always found the joke funny."

Hopefully, AMC doesn't go too hard on this young kid, seeing as it was only a prank. Hopefully they'll forget all about it in a year.

Catch Joker in cinemas today.

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