The Suicide Squad's John Cena Hypes Up Spider-Man 3 Casting as Sandman with Awesome New Image

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Spider-Man 3 is still a huge mystery considering that the new villain in the sequel has not yet been announced. But is it possible that Sandman will show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick? John Cena has just teased on the possibility that he could land the coveted role through an awesome Instagram post.

People have been fancasting certain roles in Spider-Man 3 for some time now. One of the most recent ones has been for Sandman and artist Jacksons Caspersz decided to depict Cena as William Baker. Not surprisingly, the idea took off and has even reached the Suicide Squad star, who immediately teased on the casting with his own Instagram post. Check it out below.

Cena didn't have to write anything on the post but it immediately led to fans freaking out. For now, it has not yet been confirmed if the Bumblebee actor is being considered to appear in the MCU film. However, we're hoping to get some good news from Marvel Studios soon.

Although it is still unclear whether Cena will make the huge jump to Marvel with Spider-Man 3, fans can expect to see him in an upcoming DC Extended Universe flick. Cena's role in The Suicide Squad was only confirmed a few weeks ago at DC FanDome and we can't wait to see Peacemaker in action next year.

The Suicide Squad is currently scheduled for release on August 6, 2021.

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