John Boyega Shares Video of Dev Patel Calling The Last Airbender a ‘Sh*t Movie’

Actors are usually nice when talking about their own films, and that's usually because they have NDAs that forbid them from trashing their movies in public. Star Wars' John Boyega has always been unapologetic when it comes to dealing with haters, and he just shared this video of Dev Patel admitting to fans that The Last Airbender was a ‘sh*t movie.'

Check it out:

Just in case you didn't know, Patel had played the part of Zuko in The Last Airbender. I'll admit, Patel really gave the role his all, and I'm relieved that the film didn't actively kill his career.

With all the hate the Sequel Trilogy gets online, you can only imagine what Boyega has to go through, having to smile through his teeth at fans. It honestly is frustrating on how relentless the haters can get, and when actors retaliate even a little bit—like Boyega does—they're suddenly bashed for ‘not acting professional.'

For now, it looks like Boyega is putting Star Wars behind him. With a lot of people hoping that Finn, Rey, and Poe return to the big screen though, I'm hoping Boyega will change his mind in a few years.

As for The Last Airbender, Netflix has teamed up with original creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko to make a second attempt at a live-action adaptation. This time, it's going to be a series, and fans are hoping they manage to get everything right from the story to the action. Let's hope they have a budget.

No release date has been set for the live-action Airbender on Netflix, but you can catch the original animated show now streaming on the platform.

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