J.J. Abrams Producing Zatanna and Constantine Series for HBO Max

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Though J.J. Abrams may have not ended his Star Wars career on a high note, he is moving on to greener pastures, and is set to collaborate with Warner Bros for his next projects. What's interesting is, Abrams looks to be entering Justice League Dark territory with his next projects.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Abrams is set to produce "supernatural shows featuring Constantine and Zatanna." We don't have any specifics on what the shows will be, but projects about both characters have been rumoured for a while, and this pretty much lines up with reports we've gotten over the past months with Abrams attached to Constantine, and talk of a Zatanna project in development.

While I personally love seeing these comic book films on a big screen, I guess I can understand the studio's reliance on them coming out on streaming platforms. After all, it is way cheaper to release films on HBO Max rather than to have them come out in theaters; and with COVID-19 still going around, it would make sense to prioritize material they can actually release without endangering people.


With Abrams' penchant for mystery, I guess it would fit right in with the fantasy/noir genre that Zatanna and Constantine are known for. Personally, I was hoping he would be working on the next Man of Steel movie, but after The Rise of Skywalker, I'm more open to someone else taking on the reigns.

No release date has been set for Zatanna or Constantine, but Zack Snyder's Justice League hits HBO Max sometime in 2021.

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