Jeon Jong Seo Confirms Relationship With The Call Director

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Rising South Korean actress Jeon Jong Seo has been making the headlines these past few months. Following the success of her previous projects, interest in her upcoming roles has seemingly increased.

On Friday, however, the celebrity caught the attention of many fans across the globe because of a statement from her agency. AllKpop reported that it is about her links with Director Lee Choong Hyun, and MY Company confirmed the relationship.

About The Relationship

There is little information about the two personalities’ dating life. But, reports claimed that they “grew interested” in each other amid filming and working on Netflix’s The Call.

Following the material’s premiere, Jeon Jong Seo and Director Lee Choong Hyun reportedly “went from co-workers to lovers.”

In response to the claims and speculations, the South Korean actress’s label confirmed the reports on behalf of her. As stated, “it is true that the two recently began dating.”

Working Together On The Call

The Call is a thriller film starring Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo. Principal photography and production took place in 2019.

It was supposed to drop theatrically, but cancellations took place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, it made its premiere on Netflix, marking Lee Choong Hyun’s directorial debut for a full-length, commercial film.

The actress previously revealed that she decided to star in The Call because of the director. She said in an interview that she is a fan of his short film, Bargain, according to Soompi.

She continued, though, that she thought “it was odd” at first because the director did not direct every take. Upon asking after the project, Lee Choong Hyun told her that “he was trying to see what style of actress” she is.

In the end, the celebrity shared that their “teamwork was really good.” Moreover, she “trusted” him because he is a “director with insight” about her.

Jeon Jong Seo On Money Heist

Later in 2020, the public learned about the South Korean remake of the hit series Money Heist. It was not until earlier in 2021, though, when the cast was revealed.

Jeon Jong Seo will play the role of Tokyo, who is the narrator of the Netflix show. Other cast members include Yoo Ji Tae and Park Hye Soo.