Jar Jar Actor Thinks the New Star Wars Films are Missing a Key Factor

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Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy might have experienced commercial and critical success, however, Jar Jar Binks actor thinks that the most recent Lucasfilm projects seem to be "missing" a key element present in the Star Wars prequel and the original trilogy.

Best just recently spoke with writer Jamie Stangroom (via Den of Geek) to discuss his latest return to the Star Wars universe as the host of the upcoming Disney+ game show, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. During his interview, the actor decided to share his thoughts about the new Star Wars films.

According to Best, Lucasfilm's most recent Star Wars projects have been falling short because there's a lack of faith in the mythology of the galaxy far, far away.


"This is the thing I think Star Wars is falling short of now: there really isn't very much to believe in anymore," the actor shared. "The lack of faith in the mythology is really the thing I find to be missing. We don't talk about The Force anymore in the Star Wars movies."

Best believes that Star Wars x factor was the Force. According to the actor, the Force was what made Star Wars what it was.

"We're really about lineage and legacy and line and technology," Best explained, "But the thing that made Star Wars work was The Force. There were two sides: the light side, and the dark side. But we all believed in The Force – that's what worked in the Lucasverse when it came to Star Wars."

While Best believes that the new Star Wars films have failed because of its lack of faith in the mythology, one could argue that the Force played a vital role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, especially in installments like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Perhaps the actor would like new Star Wars films to focus more on The Force?

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars movies? What's missing in the sequel trilogy? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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