DC Studios Boss Shares Encouraging Update on Gal Gadot's Return

Earlier this week, DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran finally announced the first slate for the new DCU franchise across films and TV shows which are new and fresh takes on some of the beloved characters that we know such as Batman and Superman.

However, one notable absence during the announcement is a Wonder Woman solo project. While they did reveal that they are working on a prequel series set in Themyscira titled Paradise Lost, the superhero herself will not be the center of the story.

This poses a question about Gal Gadot's future at the DCU. We do know that they canned Wonder Woman 3 a while ago, but they never announced that the actress is out of the role and they remained coy about her involvement in the new iteration of the franchise moving forward.

In his recent Instagram post regarding the Creature Commandos artwork (via Screen Rant), Gunn addressed Gadot's DCU fate when he responded to some of the fan questions regarding the actress' status in the franchise.

First, Gunn clarified that Gadot has not been let go yet by DC and shot down the idea that she has already exited. In another response, he also revealed that they had a meeting with the actress "weeks ago" which suggests that they are still in active conversations with her.

Based on his responses, it sounds like we can definitely say that Gadot is still part of the DC franchise for now and there is a chance that they are keeping her in the role if ever they decide to revisit the character down the line.

This is also in alignment with Gunn and Safran's comments during their unveiling of the DCU plan to the press when they said that Gadot, Zachary Levi, Jason Momoa, and Ezra Miller can still reprise their roles as they left the door open for them and the franchise will not be rebooted in its entirety.

It is certainly great to hear that Gadot is still part of the DC franchise today since a lot of fans have appreciated and loved her take on the character ever since she debuted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Let's wait and see how they'll explore her involvement in the DCU franchise in the future.

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