Is Shrek 5 Confirmed Or Cancelled? Here's Everything We Know So Far

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Credit: MovieHUB

Shrek 5 has been long overdue and avid fans of the franchise are itching for new updates regarding the latest addition to the saga. According to the speculations, Shrek 5 has been confirmed to be still in the works.

Shrek 5Cancellation and Re-development

There have been several causes for the delay in the release of Shrek 5. Notably, Shrek 5 underwent several revisions with its storyline. In a previous report, it has been speculated that the film will no longer concentrate on Shrek and Fiona. Instead, it will circulate around their teenage children and the likely trouble they will get into.

Creators of Shrek Forever After, Jeffrey Katzenberg, revealed that originally the Shrek films were outlined to be five movies from the very beginning of the production of the film. Coming up to the release of Shrek Forever After, DreamWorks Animation announced that the fourth film would be the last of the series. This was confirmed by Bill Damaschke, head of creative production at DreamWorks Animation.

"All that was loved about Shrek in the first film is brought to the final film," Damashke commented about Shrek Forever After.

Come 2014, Jeffrey Katzenberg, during an interview with Fox Business Network, hinted that Shrek 5 was in development. Two years after NBC Universal purchased DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion, executive office Steve Burke announced the re-development of the Shrek franchise.

It was, then, revealed that Shrek 5 was to be released in 2019. But, obviously, it did not happen until now.

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Shrek 5Updates And What We Know So Far

Cast member Eddie Murphy, who plays Donkey in the Shrek franchise, shared, during an interview in September 2016, that Shrek 5 was already in production and was poised to be released in 2019 or 2020. He also revealed that the script has been completed and was written by Michael McCullers of the Austin Powers franchise.